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Euphonos (Εὔφωνος)

Euphonos is a piece for unaccompanied euphonium, composed in 2023.


Duration: c. 6 minutes 15 seconds.

Available in Bass Clef and Bb Treble Clef

This work is based on three traditional Greek dances - the Tsamiko, Hasapiko and Kalamatianós.
The title of the piece is an ancient Greek word that means 'sweet voiced' or 'beautiful sounding', and is the origin of the word 'euphonium'. Each section of the work is reflective of the dance that it is based on, taking inspiration from the different musical and stylistic characteristics.


Zoe Gougousidis, May 27 2023. Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney, Australia. International Premiere.

Price: $35

Download Score Sample

View a sample of the sheet music.


View a video of a performance and listen to the work.

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