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On the Horizon

On The Horizon was composed in 2021. It was composed for Warringah Concert Brass.


Duration: c. 7 minutes 30 seconds.

This piece represents the idea of anticipating the different possibilities of the future - reflecting on
what is coming, or what is 'on the horizon'. The first section represents the more adventurous possibilities that are to come, and possible danger that comes with this. It aims to show high energy and momentum in the pursuit of possible glory.
The second section is a lot more mellow - slow and calm, it shows a more contemplative and wistful view on the future. Following this section is a collection of solo features - in particular, euphonium, Bb Bass, Baritone 1 and Eb Bass.
This then builds into a powerful tutti. The piece ends with a recurrence of the first section's theme, ending in a loud and dramatic fashion.

This piece was written for Warringah Concert Brass, an A grade brass band based in the Northern
suburbs of Sydney. WCB competes in the annual Australian National and NSW State Championships,
as well as frequently performing at community events and concerts. I have been a member of the band since late 2018, and this work is dedicated to the great musicians in WCB.


Warringah Concert Brass, June 13 2021. Conducted by John Saunders. Digital Premiere.

Warringah Concert Brass, November 27, 2022. Terrey Hills Public School, Sydney, Australia. Conducted by John Saunders. International Premiere.


Price: $110

Download Score Sample

View a sample of the sheet music.


View a video of a performance and listen to the work.

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