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The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change is a piece for wind and brass septet.

Duration c. 9 minutes 45 seconds.

The title of the work is an idiom referring to the forces that drive change, and when used it indicates that change is certain to happen. This piece is based on the idea of these gradually shifting changes. Each section utilises contrasting elements within different musical techniques such as tempo, tonality, rhythm, metre and structure to create a drastic contrast between sections.


The first section and third section share a central motif, however the treatment and development of the motif are very different. The second section utilises new thematic material. This reflects the certainty of change and the forces that drive change through these vastly contrasting styles.

Additionally, there are transitional passages that return between main sections to represent the shifting changes. These recuring passages are comprised of freely performed solos with the woodwind accompaniment blowing air and performing key clicks to emulate the sound of the wind.



Adrienne Hanslow (Flute), Ami Humphreys (Oboe), Karen Chen (Clarinet), Lucy Devine (Bassoon), Emily Hackney (Horn), Amy Fox (Trumpet), Zoe Gougousidis (Trombone). November 5, 2022. Music Workshop Hall, Sydney, Australia. International Premiere.

Price: $80

Download Score Sample

View a sample of the sheet music.


View a video of a performance and listen to the work.

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