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Untouched, Unchanged

Untouched, Unchanged is a solo for euphonium with piano accompaniment, composed in 2023.

Duration: c. 4 minutes, 15 seconds.

Available in Bass Clef and Bb Treble Clef

This work was commissioned by Nyeve Mackenzie, in memory of a friend who passed away. The piece aims to reflect not only the sadness that comes from the loss of a loved one, but also the joy and peace that comes from the memories of your life lived with them - aiming to capture both the sense of love and loss that comes with remembering someone who has passed.

The title and feeling of the work is inspired by the poem Death is Nothing at All by Henry Scott Holland, originally presented as part of a sermon in 1910, and reflects the overall sense of peace in the memory of someone you've lost.

Nyeve wrote the following about her friend:

This piece is dedicated to a friend who I shared the most precious memories with. She had shown me what

true friendship was, and was the kind of person you could sit and laugh with, but wasn't afraid to call you out and

expect better from you. Our many days playing duets on piano, driving late at night getting dinner, or even just

getting up to our regular shenanigans at school will remain some of my fondest memories. We bonded over our love

of music, especially Chopin, which she played incredibly well.

To whomever has the privilege of playing this piece, I hope it honours the memory of this wonderful person

and prompts you to look back on your own memories, remembering friends like this fondly, even after they are gone.

Our memories remain untouched, unchanged.

This one is dedicated to you, my friend Y.F.


Nyeve Mackenzie (Euphonium), Agnes Kristianto (Piano). November 28, 2023. Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney, Australia. International Premiere.

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View a video of a performance and listen to the work.

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