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The Masquerade

The Masquerade was composed in 2024.


Duration: c. 5 minutes

Approximate Grade: 3.5

The piece's title reflects the great contrast in styles present in the work. The first and last sections of the work utilise the same theme, and are bold and fast paced with a big sound and boisterous energy. The middle section, in contrast, is calmer, softer and more lyrical, but is hidden away between two sections that are far more distracting - this reflects the idea of putting on a false facade, and disguising oneself to pass as something else entirely. The first and last sections act as a masquerade, the rowdiness hiding the more emotional moments within.


Queensland Wind Orchestra, September 3rd 2022. Brisbane, Australia. Conducted by David Law. Digital Premiere.

Price: $110

Download Score Sample

View a sample of the sheet music.


View a video of a performance and listen to the work.

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